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Pamphlet Intro: Life can be challenging. When people feel they’re unable to cope with life’s struggles and become overwhelmed, suicidal thoughts can surface. Hopelessness about the future becomes reality, and they experience a “tunnel vision” where suicide seems to be the answer. Suicidal thoughts fall in two categories: active and passive. An active statement is based on intent. It could be, “I’m going to kill myself,” or “I made a plan to die.” Whereas passive suicidal statements would be more like, “I wish I hadn’t been born,” or “I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up.” Both active and passive suicidal language should be taken seriously...

Mental health pamphlet on Suicide Warning Signs, includes:  

  • Beautiful, human-centered design that attracts attention
  • Content that reflects up-to-date, DSM 5, clinical references
  • Call-outs, action steps and powerfully motivating questions
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