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Pamphlet Intro: Change is all around us and stress is the brain and body’s way of responding to it. Whether we interpret change as real or perceived, short or long-term, stress is the result. Stress is not intended to be harmful. In fact, it does serve a purpose. Your body’s stress response is meant to protect you from danger. It releases chemicals and hormones to aid the “fight or flight” response. This quickens your pulse, increases your breathing rate, and tenses your muscles. Oxygen shoots toward your brain and your immune system is charged with a short boost...

Mental health pamphlet on Stress, includes:  

  • Beautiful, human-centered design that attracts attention
  • Content that reflects up-to-date, DSM 5, clinical references
  • Call-outs, action steps and powerfully motivating questions
  • Imprinting is now FREE! 


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