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Pamphlet Intro: Communication happens all around us, and it’s more than mere words. Communication comprises the messages and signals we send to others as well as the ones we receive. Our verbal words are only a small percentage of the message that’s communicated. Our nonverbal signals, such as tone, eye contact, and body language, make up the rest. Every day is an opportunity to improve our verbal and nonverbal skills. When we interact with our families, friends, coworkers, and even strangers, we encounter values and opinions different from our own. How we react and respond to these differences can make all the difference...

Health and Wellness pamphlet on Communication Skills, includes:  

  • Beautiful, human-centered design that attracts attention
  • Content that reflects up-to-date, DSM 5, clinical references
  • Call-outs, action steps and powerfully motivating questions
  • Imprinting is now FREE!


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